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UFC on FOX 9: Bobby Green vs. Pat Healy

UFC on FOX 9: Bobby Green vs. Pat Healy

Bobby “King” Green (21-5, 2-0 UFC) vs. Pat “Bam Bam” Healy (31-16-1, 0-1-1 UFC), at UFC on FOX 9

First off we should thank Bobby Green for stepping up on short notice and helping Joe Silva swap out one awesome fight for another on this card. This should be a very fun fight against two 155ers, both trending up, both former welter weights, and both former Strikeforce fighters. Green is on a run having won his last 6 and Healy is 2 fights removed from his own 6 fight streak.

Bobby Green began his MMA career in 2008 fighting almost entirely on the west coast of the US. He increased his level of competition slowly and eventually became a King of the Cage champion in 2 weight classes. From KOTC he moved on to Strikeforce and after losing his debut to MMA world traveler JZ Cavalcante he went on this 6 fight streak leading up to now. Green has been one of the surprise SF vets to look good in the Octagon so far.

-Green’s base is wrestling and although he doesn’t fight like a wrestler he was actually a pretty successful High School wrestler growing up and placed in a pair of State Championship tournaments which is an impressive feat in California. In the cage he’s real good at getting in close to grab that body lock and drags or throws opponents to the ground.

-He is also an effective striker with fluid movement, straight punches, and some good snap on his kicks. He is aggressive and creative in that he is good at capitalizing on some openings that other fighters might miss or pass on.

-What I like most about Green is how seamlessly he transitions between the striking and grappling aspects of MMA and it is his above average level of athleticism that makes this work. He is clever and a good finisher and makes it known that he always comes to entertain.

The bigger, stronger fighters have given Green troubles in the past, especially those with Aggressive submission games and/or aggressive GnP (JZ, David Mitchell, Dan Lauzon). In the past he has been bullied in there at times and Green’s admitted lack of training could certainly be to blame for his strength deficits.

Rugged MMA veteran Pat Healy has certainly been around the block a time or two in his career. Starting in 2002 Pat was fighting and beating a whole bunch of MMA stars and future stars way before most of us even knew what ground n pound was. Finally getting his shine fighting in the UFC, Healy looks to get back on track after impressing in his debut and completely blowing it then losing his second fight by a good margin.

-Healy is a monster LW, having spent much of his career fighting at 170 he has relied heavily on effective weight cutting techniques to compliment his skills. When the cut goes smoothly his size, strength, and top game are an extremely tough combo to deal with.  He is a nightmare on top with grinding ground n pound just waiting for you to give up your back or leave your neck exposed (11 wins by chokes).

-Healy is one of the best examples of a type of fighter who took the boring lay n pray or wall n stall of times past and tweaked it into a miserable type of style to fight. We call these fighters grinders and Healy is among the best of them. Impossible to budge, they slow you down, make you carry their weight, and drain you of strength, a very effective style.

-And obviously with over a decade in the game, the experienced Healy is surprised by little and daunted by even less. He has beaten many a great fighter and still could make a run in the UFC.

Healy may be one of the few to make an un-athletic, rigid, plodding style work for him but it still has its drawbacks. He has been busted up and struggled to keep up with some of the more explosive and athletic fighters he’s faced like Jim Miller, Josh Thomson, and even Maximo Blanco gave him some trouble. His toughness often carries him through but it is still a concern, as is his weight cut. Reportedly dropping up to 25 pounds in the week before the fight, as he gets older Pat may have to rethink this.

I like this fight a lot and enjoy watching Green work very much but in this fight I’m picking Healy all day. He should be MUCH bigger and has had a full camp to get in shape where as Green has not. Pat Healy wins by rear naked choke.


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