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Teens Charged With Assault Following “Ultimate Fighting” Bout

Hardly MMA related and clearly straying from our typical posts, but I have to pass along this news from my nearby hometown:

Two 16-year-old boys are being charged in juvenile court for staging what they called an “Ultimate Fighting Championship” that left both bloody after school, police said.

Police in Corry began investigating Friday when the mother of one of the boys told police she believed her son had been jumped and attacked. The other boy had been treated for head injuries at a hospital that day, police Chief Fred Corbett said.

“Thank God their injuries weren’t life-threatening,” Corbett told The Associated Press on Monday. “But I can see that happening. I can absolutely see that happening.”

Police said they determined the boys agreed to fight each other and to mimic the mixed martial arts fights that are popular on television under names such as Ultimate Fighting Championship and World Extreme Cagefighting.

The boys fought in the playground area outside an abandoned elementary school in Corry, about 20 miles southeast of Erie, after their school had let out for the day. Other youths gathered to watch the fight, but Corbett said he doesn’t know how many.

Police did not identify the boys because they are being charged in Erie County Juvenile Court, where all but the most serious criminal cases are confidential. Corbett said he was publicizing the charges to warn teens of the dangers and so their parents will be aware that some teens are emulating what they see on TV.

“I’ve seen Ultimate Fighting and you probably have, too, on television. And those athletes are trained for that and they have doctors and referees present,” Corbett said. “Here, they have none of that. It’s a very dangerous thing.”

Both boys are being charged with simple assault, a misdemeanor.

If the boys are adjudicated delinquent, the juvenile court equivalent of a guilty verdict, they could remain under court supervision until they are 21.

I have to give props to Corry for not being like most other towns with regards to “Ultimate Fighting” and actually respecting the athletes (see quote above) rather than bash the sport as nothing more than “human cockfighting” that is detrimental to society.


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