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Latest Dana-Vlog Resonates More Hate Than Usual

Okay people, you’re going to hear a lot of crazy stuff over the next few days about Dana White going bonkers over some journalist (and an internet journalist of all things, gasp!) like an irate homophobic sailor, but what you should all know is…actually it’s all true. I don’t know where I was going with that.

White’s latest Video Blog, released yesterday from behind the scenes at Fight Night Live, concludes with the eloquent UFC president unloading a verbal blitzkrieg aimed at Sherdog’s Loretta Hunt. Hunt, it seems, had published a wildly offensive article exploring how Zuffa brass are tightening their grip on backstage credentials for fighter personnel, and this evidently sent the former aerobics instructor into a brief tantrum.

If one were to write it out, the meat of Dana’s hissy-fit would look something like this:

“Loretta, you fucking moron…The only reason I’m talking about this is to show how fucking dumb you are…first of all whoever gave you that quote is a pussy and a fucking faggot and a fucking liar…or maybe its you Loretta, maybe you’re the liar writing bullshit stories. Everything that comes out of your mouth is fucking stupid…You fuckin dumb bitch, fuck you Loretta Hunt.”

Wow, I’m nearly exhausted and I was only typing the expletives. Clearly, White’s periodic outbursts are tired and beyond juvenile, and some folks have already jumped on Dana’s back about cleaning up the angry-child routine before it tarnishes Zuffa’s good name. Can you really argue with them at this point?

Even if (and this is a huge hypothetical) Hunt’s article was in fact grossly inaccurate and wrongly defamed Dana or the UFC in some way, there has to be a more appropriate manner for White to pursue these injustices as opposed to…well you remember. I can’t repeat those words or I don’t get dessert for a week.

Updated by Justin
It appears that Dana may have thought better of his comments and has since removed the video from YouTube, or maybe it was removed for another reason, none the less the video now says that it has been removed by the user, though it is downloadable.

Update By Eric- Found and posted the controversial slice of the video. All is well.

Update: This didn’t take long– GLAAD is already calling for an apology from DW and the UFC.


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