Luke Rockhold takes on Tim Boetsch in what is being hyped as a middleweight war on Saturday night at UFC 172. Tim Boetsch had some things to say about Rockhold and most notably saying that they were going to have a war and would need to go to the hospital afterwards. Check out his interview down below:

Is it awkward you and Tim in the same gym at the same time?

“Yes, it’s awkward, but I think on the treadmill and he was on the olmpical. I am corgel to most of my opponents, so it’s alright.”

Since you have made your UFC debut, you have gotten your first win in your second fight. Is there any pressure in this fight?

“I’d say there is a little less pressure this time; I am going in there to win. There would have been more pressure if I would have came in here 0-2 to start off in the UFC. I am not a loser, I am coming in here to win and you live once, so I live to be the best,  I believe I can achieve that, I know I am better than these guys. So if I go in there and fight my fight, then I am going to win fights.”

Why do you think that people believe this fight with Boetsch is a stepping stone fight for you?

“Because he lost to Costa (Philippou), I just beat Costa. It could be looked at in that light, but I was scheduled to fight Tim Boech earlier. Everyone was matched up at the time, so there was not a lot of options. I was into cleaning that up and take care of some old business. I am going to finish that off and move forward. Tim is a tough guy, I have trained harder for this fight than my last fight and I am trying harder for this fight. I want to be the better, I am coming into my prime, I want to win impressively and I feel that I can.”

Boetsch said it will be a war and that you two will be going to the hospital after this fight, your thoughts?

“I never want that to happen, I never picture that in my head, I believe if you think that then the more it could happen. I prepare for that war, I am ready for that war. I have showed that I can handle it. My mindset is to go in there and win in the most effect and efficiently way possible. I am going in there to pick him apart and demolish him.”