Dana White once again did his jammed packed pre-scum Q&A session with the media on Thursday for UFC 172. In this piece, he talked about Phil Davis become a very outspoken fighter compared to how he handled his fighting career in the past. Also, did he bring out the real Phil Davis out of his shell? Check it out below:

His Thoughts On Phil Davis Being So Outspoken This Week Against Jon Jones?

“Well, whatever it takes, I guess it worked. When you are ranked in the top five, the guys who really want s*it, asks for s*it, they come after me nonstop and it seems like every time I reach out to Davis, he is like huh, I will take my time, I’m young,  and he seems like a guy who doesn’t seem that hungry to me. “

Phil Davis has won his last three fights and looks for his fourth straight win this Saturday night against the returning Anthony Johnson.

In case you missed it, Phil Davis has said a lot about Jon Jones and most notably, he said that Jones would pull out of his fight with Glover Teixeira:

There is a good chance that Jon Jones won’t make it to this fight. I am not going to say he is going to get hurt, I am not wishing any ill will on the man; I am just saying that something may happen. I think he is going to pull out of this fight.”

Did you say all that stuff about Phil Davis for him to come out of his shell?

“No, I said it because that is how I felt about him. I don’t want to throw the kid under the bus or anything, but it’s baffling that a kid in the top five is not chomping at a shot at the title. It’s hard to get into the top five, look at a guy like big country (Roy Nelson) He has been fighting, he has been knocking people out left and right, he got into the top five, he lost to Stipe Miocic and it’s hard to stay in the top five and stay there.”