Anthony Johnson returned at UFC 172 last night and showed why he is one of the top Light Heavyweight in the world. He dominated his fight against Phil Davis and got a unanimous decision for all of his hard work. UFC President Dana White spoke with Fox Sports own Ariel Helwani about Johnson’s performance, his expectations about Johnson coming into this fight and more.

Did You Expect Johnson To Come Back To The UFC The Way He Did, thanking You After The fight?

“No, I didn’t, he looked good tonight, even when the fight started and the way he was dominating the way he was I was expecting him to gassed out. I thought he would gassed out midway through the 2nd round or even the third round. Not only did he not gas out, he took his time, picked every punch and stuffed his takedowns. He really looked good tonight.”

This is the first fight back for Anthony Johnson (17–4) in the UFC since he lost to Vitor Belfort at UFC 143 back in January of 2012 via rear naked choke. Since then he has since went on a six fight win streak. This was his first fight back in the UFC and made weight this time.

Johnson’s next fight is unknown at this time, but you would have to think that he would be in line for a top fight against a top fighter in the Light Heavyweight Division. Time will tell who and when he will be fighting next. Never the less, Johnson is a scary dude that everyone in the 205 division needs to take a look at.