UFC.com caught up with Wanderlei Silva on a Fight Pass exclusive. He talks about the infamous onset brawl with rival coach Chael Sonnen, the crucible-like atmosphere of the series, and addresses rumors of his impending retirement.

Why Did The Fight Date Change?

Unfortunately, when Sonnen slammed my back into the cement floor I injured my back. And I also injured my hand. So I wouldn’t have enough time to be ready for this fight on May 31St. So I asked Dana White to give me a little more time to train. This is a very important fight and I’m aware of all my responsibility with it. At the moment I step into that Octagon I will be ready to honor your support for me. For you who cheers for me, I will be ready to fight and represent you.

When Is The Fight?

The fight is scheduled and the contract has been signed. It will happen on July 5th, at the Madalay Bay in Las Vegas.

Do You regret The Aggressive Marketing Approach You Used In TUF Brazil 3?

First of all, this is not marketing. This is who Wanderlei Silva is. I can’t pretend. I am who I am. Now that everyone will have a chance to know more about what happened many options will change. You won’t feel it’s right after everything he has done to me to go in there and shake his hand. And I wouldn’t feel good. I could not do it, as I don’t do it. If in the beginning of the show he came in and apologized, everything would have been different. He didn’t want to make peace with us.

UFC 175 goes down on July 5, 2014 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.