Dana White did a quick interview after UFC Fight Night 40 with Fox about the Main Event between Matt Brown & Erick Silva. Check it out below:

His Thoughts On The Main Event Between Matt Brown & Erick Silva?

“That was awesome, that was one of the best first rounds I’ve ever seen and what an amazing fight, he ate those shots to the body like a champ. People do not realize when you get hit to the body like that, what that takes out of you and what that does to you. Head shots are easy to take, those are brutal.”

What Were You And Matt Brown Talking About After The Fight?

“We were yelling and screaming at first, because it was such a great main event, absolutely that kid is becoming a big star, he was big, but he became a bigger star in Cincinnati tonight.

Matt Brown Wants A Title Fight With Johnny Hendricks, Will It Happen?

“Yeah, I told him to quit acting like the media, I have been on the road for 6 weeks, let me get home and figure it out, there’s no doubt that Matt Brown is exciting, the reason that Matt Brown is not there right now is because he got injured before the fight with Carlos Condit and that was a fight that would have put him right there. We are going to give him something big, something fun and he is always fun to watch, he gets better every time he fights and he killed it tonight.”

No Deal With Diaz and Hector Lombard, Could That Be A Possible Fight For Brown?

“Yeah, that is possible. Obviously Hector is ranked #number five or six and no sign of Diaz, no sign of both Diaz brothers. We will see what happens; I think Nate would have a better possibility of fighting before Nick. Until those guys call me then I don’t even think about them. We offered fights to Nate and Nick is in retirement.”