They talked a lot of trash before, during and after the fight, but at the end of the day Rampage Jackson got his hand won. Thanks to ESPN for the video, check out the highlights from the night in the video below, as well as MMA Frenzy’s play-by-play coverage.

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson VS. Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal

Round 1: Mo goes for a takedown and gets it right off the bat. Mo in Rampage guard, he lands a body shot. Mo pours on short strikes, Mo gets into half guard, however Rampage fights out and gets to his feet. They clinch and Mo presses Rampage on the fence. Mo goes for a single leg, but Rampage blocks it. Mo attempts again and gets it. Mo in half guard, Rampage makes his way up and then right back down, up and Mo hits big knees to the leg of Rampage. Mo with another takedown, he controls Rampage and lands knees to the midsection. Rampage back to his feet with 1:35 left in the round, Rampage throws him off and they go back standing. Mo with a miss, Rampage with a lot of fakes. Rampage misses a big right hook, he lands a left jab. Mo with a wild miss and Rampage lands a good right. Rampage with a combo, Mo misses and Rampage lands a right hook. Mo with a body kick and this round is over with Rampage trying to close in.

Round 2: Mo with a kick to the gut, Rampage is fine. Mo goes for a takedown, but stuffed. Rampage with a jab, but Mo ducks. Mo is cut over his left eye. Rampage lands a big right hand, it hurts Mo. Rampage clinches and presses on the cage. Mo reverses and hits a knee to the gut. Rampage shoves him off and they are in the center again. Rampage with a right hook, Mo with a leg jab. Rampage with a left hook, Mo is ducking and dodging. Mo attempts a takedown, but they stick on the cage. Mo looking and looking, but can’t find the takedown, he goes for a single leg. Rampage gets out and misses a wild left hook. Mo goes right back to the clinch on the fence. He nails a short knee to the back leg of Rampage. Mo hugs him, he lands a short right to the jaw of Rampage. Rampage gets out and lands a body shot. Mo with short jabs, Mo with a wild that lands. He goes for a flying knee, but misses. Mo takes Rampage down, he is in half guard, Mo with a knee to the gut. Rampage gets to his feet. Rampage puts the pressure on Mo and lands strikes. He tries to finishes at the end of the round, but runs out of time.

Round 3: Final round, Rampage with a nice left jab, Mo goes for a takedown, but stuffed. A brief exchange, Rampage with a nice left hook, he clinches, but Mo lands a knee to the gut. Mo puts Rampage on the fence and clinches. Rampage looking for a way out, Mo with a takedown, Mo in half guard lands strikes on top position. Mo with short elbows, Rampage gives his back up and Mo takes advantage. Mo puts him on the fence as Rampage gets to his feet. They stand in the center, Mo with a wild right hand miss. Rampage with a wild uppercut, Mo goes for a takedown, but stuffed, he goes for a second and they stick to the cage. Big Jon breaks them up, Rampage misses with wild strikes, Rampage is trying to finish. Mo with a missed takedown, Rampage with a nice uppercut, but Mo backs away. Rampage just can’t finish. So much for King Mo doing trash talk and knocking him out… They continue to talk trash as they make their way to the cage.

Decision: Quinton Jackson def. Muhammed Lawal via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)