This was a fight that you have to see. It might not have been a knockout finish. And it did indeed go the distances, but at the end of the day Robbie Lawler beats Matt Brown by decision and will fight Johnny Hendricks for the Welterweight title.

Robbie Lawler (23-10) has 18 knockouts, 1 submission and 3 decision victories while he has been knocked out once, submitted five times and lost by decision four times. Prior to joining the UFC once again, he in his two fights prior while fighting in Strikeforce, he beat Adlan Amagov via TKO at Strikeforce – Rockhold vs. Jardine on Jan / 07 / 2012. He then beat Lorenz Larkin via unanimous decision at Strikeforce – Rockhold vs. Kennedy on Jul / 14 / 2012. He made his UFC return against Josh Koscheck which he won via TKO at UFC 157 – Rousey vs. Carmouche on Feb / 23 / 2013, then beat Bobby Voelker via KO at UFC on Fox 8 – Johnson vs. Moraga on Jul / 27 / 2013 and then Rory MacDonald via split decision at UFC 167 – St. Pierre vs. Hendricks on Nov / 16 / 2013. He lost against Johny Hendricks via unanimous decision at UFC 171 – Hendricks vs. Lawler on Mar / 15 / 2014 for the Welterweight title. He is coming off a win over Jake Ellenberger at UFC 173.

Matt Brown has 19-12 MMA record. He has 12 by KO, 5 by Submission and 2 coming by decision. However, he has lost 9 fights by submission and has never been knocked out. He is currently on a seven fight winning streak with wins over Chris Cope via TKO back in February of 2012, a unanimous decision over Stephen Thompson at UFC 145 in April of 2012. In the summer of 2012 he beat Luis Ramos via TKO in the second round. He finished 2012 on a very positive note with a knockout win over Mike Swick in the second round. In April of 2013 he beat Jordan Mein in the 2nd round with a TKO victory and the finally when he fought last against Mike Pyle he made short work of him by knocking him out in 29 seconds in the first round. He then would go on to dominate his fight against Erick Silva in the main event of UFC Fight Night 40.

Here is the play by play from this fight:

Round 1: They come out swinging, Brown working the leg kicks. Lawler tags Brown with a right uppercut. Lawler lands a straight right hand. Brown presses forward, but only to eat a right hand by Lawler. Brown connects with a big right hand that stuns Lawler, he presses forward, but runs into a left. Brown with a sweeping leg takedown, he is on top. Brown goes for a choke, but Lawler get’s to his feet. Lawler clinches and puts Brown on the fence, they trade knees and elbows. Lawler with a big right and it hurts Brown. Lawler explodes on Brown, he continues to hunt with Brown pressing forward. Brown just misses a spinning back fist, and Lawler connects with a flurry of strikes.

Round 2: Lawler lands a left uppercut while Brown lands a head kick. Brown is picking up the pace with his kicks, he just misses again with the spinning back fist. Brown shoots in on a double leg and get’s it. Lawler right back to his feet with Brown all over him. They stand, half way through the round. Brown just misses a wild right. Brown lands a nice spinning back kick to the body and then lands a flurry of strikes. Brown looks for a back elbow, but just misses. Lawler fires back with a combo, but we are going to the third round.

Round 3: Brown shoots on a double leg right out of the gate, he get’s it for a second, but can’t deliver it home. They stand and exchange. Lawler lands a kick to the body of Matt Brown. Lawler lands a nice right hook to the face of Brown. Now, Brown is starting to bleed from his left eyebrow. Lawler accidently kicks Brown in the nuts and we take a break. Wait, it was a body shot. Brown shoots in, they clinch and then break. Lawler T’ing off with a right hook. Brown with a power kick to the body of Lawler. They exchange to the bell.

Round 4: Lawler turns it up and get’s a takedown right out of the gate. Lawler in top position, in half guard. Brown is doing a nice job off his back in defense. Brown scoots to the fence where he makes his way up to his feet, only to be pulled down by Lawler. Now, Brown get’s back to his feet. Lawler with an uppercut, but Brown shoots in, but Lawler shrugs him off. Brown looking tired as Lawler is landing straight rights over and over. Brown leans in with a strike and get’s the heck out of the way to avoid shots.

Round 5: Both guys come out and are swinging. Brown lands a nice elbow, but Lawler firing away. Back and forth, Lawler lands a nice combo where he closes the distance just in time to clinch. They break, Lawler lands a left jab. Lawler lands a head kick as Brown is starting to bleed from his nose. Brown with a flurry of right hands that make hurts his right hand. Brown stopped throwing it, Lawler however is landing head kicks and all sorts of strikes. Brown with a nasty elbow, a big right by Brown. Lawler with a spinning back fist, Lawler lands a head kick. Brown misses a spinning back fist, Lawler lands a kick to the body. Brown shoots in, but Lawler kicks in the face and that’s how we end the fight!

Result: Robbie Lawler def. Matt Brown via unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46, 48-47)