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Michael Bisping Gives His Take On Sonnen & Belfort’s Drug Testing Problems

Andrew Ravens

Vitor Belfort

UFC middleweight fighter Michael Bisping was recently asked about Chael Sonnen and Vitor Belfort’s problems when it comes to failing a drug test. Mr. Bisping has no problem giving his opinion on the matter and it does not help things that he has lost to both fighters before.

“They weren’t clean. We all know they weren’t f–king clean, said Bisping. They’ve only just started doing blood tests. People have been taking (human) growth hormone and EPO and all kinds of s–t for years. A urine sample will only show certain things, and people know when to come off the stuff. It’s an IQ test. The blood test they do now will catch more people because they’re testing for more things, but they didn’t do that before.”

Michael Bisping has 14 knockouts, 4 submissions and 6 decision victories, while he has been knocked out twice and lost by decision four times. The long time UFC fighter has been with the UFC since 2006. In his last four fights, he is 2-2. He beat Brian Stann via unanimous decision at UFC 152 – Jones vs. Belfort on Sep / 22 / 2012, but lost to Vitor Belfort via knockout at UFC on FX 7 – Belfort vs. Bisping on Jan / 19 / 2013. He once again got a win and this time over Alan Belcher via unanimous decision at UFC 159 – Jones vs. Sonnen on Apr / 27 / 2013, however, in his last fight he lost to Tim Kennedy via unanimous decision at The Ultimate Fighter Nations Finale on Apr / 16 / 2014.

“I’ve never done anything in my entire life. Today I was the first one to the gym. I was f–king kicking pads while people were just chatting away about what they had for dinner last night. Now the next class is halfway through and I’ve only just f–king finished. I do it the hard way and I work my f–king ass off. We’re trying to knock each other’s f–king heads off. We’re not trying to put a ball in a basket. The situation is horrible.”

Bisping face Chung Lee later this year and will headline the “Fight Night” card in Macau.


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