Holly Holm talks about joining the UFC, Ronda Rousey and more on UFC Tonight.

What’s it like coming into the UFC: “It’s exciting. If you don’t want to beat the best, you shouldn’t really be in it. I just want to take one step at a time. I want to fight for the title. It’s one of my goals and dreams and I’m just going to keep shooting for it.”

Her thoughts on getting called out by numerous fighters: “It’s a lot of pressure. It’s exciting. I haven’t made it anywhere yet. I still have all the work ahead of me. But the fact that I have a target on my back, I like that. It motivates me and makes me want to train harder.”

On how many fights away is she from Rousey: “I don’t know. I think I want it and I want it right away. Then I think, let’s take baby steps. I’ve never been one to choose a certain opponent. I’ll let the UFC pick. I want to take whatever is given to me and take one fight at a time.”

Holm has a 33-2-3 boxing record, her last fight came in May of 2013. She has a 7-0 MMA record.

Holm won her first five fights by knockout, while her last two was still impressive, even if they were not all finishes.

There is no announced fight for her or even when she will fight, either way we will have you covered.