MMAFrenzy will have results and play-by-play for all the action taking place at UFC Fight Night 48: Bisping vs. Le.  The UFC returns to the Cotai Arena at the Venetian Macau, and in the main event Michael Bisping takes on Cung Le.  Bisping is coming off a unanimous decision loss to Tim Kennedy at the TUF: Nations Finale back in April, and Le hasn’t fought since his November 2013 KO of Rich Franklin, which also took place in Macau.

The co-main event of the show features a battle of Top-10 welterweights between Tyron Woodley and Dong Hyun Kim.  Kim knocked out Jon Hathaway with a third-round spinning-back elbow the last time the UFC touched down in Macau, and Woodley is looking to rebound after his unanimous decision loss to Rory MacDonald at UFC 174 in June.

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Main Card:

Ning Guangyou vs. Jianping Yang (TUF: China Featherweight Final)

Round 1:

Guangyou comes out with an overhand right, gets a clinch, gets taken down briefly, and takes Yang down with a throw.  Guangyou looking to pass Yang’s guard, but Yang gets back to his feet.  Guangyou is moving in and out quickly, but isn’t landing much.  Yang throws a leg kick but misses.  Yang gets a brief takedown and they get back the feet.  They clinch up again with a minute left in the round.  Yang lands a few knees to the body.  A big knee lands from Guangyou.  A lot of movement in this round but not a lot of fighting.

MMAFrenzy scores the round 10-9 Guangyou.  

Round 2:

Guangyou gets a takedown and lands some punches to the body.  Yang works to get back to his feet and Guangyou works for an arm-in guillotine, but Yang escapes and they are back to standing.  Inside leg kick lands from Yang.  Neither of these guys are very talented strikers, so there isn’t a lot of meaningful action taking place in the striking exchanges.

MMAFrenzy scores the round 10-9 Guangyou, 20-18 overall.  

Round 3:

Guangyou throws an overhand right.  Yang lands a kick to the body.  Yang sets up a sidekick but doesn’t throw it.  More movement from Yang in this last round, but very little meaningful offense from either fighter throughout the entire fight.  With two minutes left, both fighters literally put their hands down and stop fighting.  Referee Steve Perceval encourages them to engage, and they get back to bouncing around the cage.  A leg kick lands from Yang.

MMAFrenzy scores the round 10-9 Jianping Yang, 29-28 for Guangyou overall.  

Ning Guangyou def. Jianping Yang via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).  


Zhang Lipeng vs. Brendan O’Reilly

Round 1:

Lipeng takes the center of the cage, eats some jabs from O’Reilly and lands a leg kick.  O’Reilly shoots for a double-leg takedown, gets a clinch up against the fence.  O’Reilly tries to get the fight to the ground and ends up on his back.  Lipeng works to pass half guard.  O’Reilly spins out and moves to top position.  He postures up and lands a few punches.  O’Reilly throws some wild punches from half guard as the round ends.

MMAFrenzy scores the round 10-9 O’Reilly.  

Round 2:

Both men come out swinging and miss.  Lipeng eats a hook and motions O’Reilly to bring it. A leg kick lands from O’Reilly.  Lipeng is content to throw powerful overhands and hooks. O’Reilly shoots in again for a takedown, and Lipeng defends against the cage.  Lipeng lands some knees from the clinch, and takes O’Reilly’s back. Lipeng lands some punches from O’Reilly’s back and has a body triangle locked in.  He goes for a rear-naked choke but O’Reilly gets out.

MMAFrenzy scores the round 10-9 Lipeng, 19-19 overall.  

Round 3:

O’Reilly throws a big overhand right and misses.  He lands a hook to the body and both fighters look very tired in the last round.  O’Reilly shoots in for a takedown and backs Lipeng up to the fence.  Lipeng defends in the clinch and reverses O’Reilly against the fence.  O’Reilly has a lot of blood coming from the inside of his mouth.  Lipeng gets a takedown and takes O’Reilly’s back.  Double hammerfists from Lipeng as he looks for a rear-naked choke. Lipeng lands more shots from the back of O’Reilly, who is now covered in his own blood and desperately trying to cover up to avoid the punches from Lipeng.

MMAFrenzy scores the round 10-9 Lipeng, 29-28 overall for Lipeng.

Zhang Lipeng def. Brendan O’Reilly via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Tyron Woodley vs. Dong Hyun Kim

Round 1:

Kim closes the distance early, but Woodley lands a big right hand.  They clinch up against the fence, but break apart.  Woodley connects and drops Kim, lands a series of vicious right hands that knock Kim out.

Tyron Woodley def. Dong Hyun Kim via TKO at 1:01 of Round 1.  


Michael Bisping vs. Cung Le

Round 1:

Cung comes out with a kick to the body that Bisping avoids.  Le lands an outside leg kick.  Bisping looking for jabs but Cung is getting out of the way.  Inside leg kick lands from Bisping followed by a combination.  Another kick to the body from Le lands.  Le lands a side kick to the body.  Bisping throws a spinning kick that lands to the body of Le.  Le mixes it up with low and high kicks.  Bisping avoids the punches of Le.  Le continues to go to the body with kicks.  Bisping lands a sharp combination and is looking to get in, land on Cung, and get back out.  The action stops briefly due to a low blow to Bisping.

The round ends with a good combination from Bisping.

MMAFrenzy scores the round 10-9 Le.

Round 2:

Bisping comes out and closes the distance with a jab and combination.  Le fires back with a sidekick.  A leg kick from Le is countered by a jab from Bisping.  Bisping is turning up the pace while Le squints from a shot to the eye.  Le is bleeding from the nose and both eyes.  Bisping is taking control now, and lands a few more punches before the ref haults the action to have the referee look at the eyes of Cung Le.  He can see, so the action continues.

Le misses a spinning back kick.  Le lands a body kick while Bisping continues to pepper his face with sharp combos.  Another shot below the belt to Bisping stops the fight.  Cung rushes in with a combo and headkick but misses. An Axe kick from Le misses.  More jabs from Bisping land.  Bisping continues the assault as the round ends.

MMAFrenzy scores the round 10-9 Bisping.  19-19 overall.  

Round 3:

Bisping comes out with a kick.  Le lands a hook and a spinning back kick.  Bisping lands a kick to the body.  Side kick to the body from Cung Le lands.  Bisping mixing up his attacks with combos and kicks to the body.  Le eats another combo from Bisping.  Le has slowed and is absorbing the volume punches of Bisping.  Le continues to look for kicks to the body and lands one.  Headkick from Bisping connects.  Bisping backs Le up against the fence and unloads another combo, but Cung counters with another big shot.

MMAFrenzy scores the round 10-9 Bisping, 29-28 overall.

Round 4:

A body kick from Le is countered by a punch and headkick from Bisping.  Bisping unloads some more volume strikes.  Bisping turns up the heat and unloads a series hooks and kicks and drops Cung Le.  He swarms and referee Leon Roberts waives it off.

Michael Bisping def. Cung Le via TKO at 0:57 of Round 4.