-Derek Brunson vs. Lorenz Larkin

Round 1: Brunson eschews all notions of defense in his pursuit of the tie-up and takedown, which means from the outset Larkin is pegging him with a plethora of kicks and punches. But Brunson succeeds in latching on midway through the round, and what follows is a serious beating and submission assault as Larkin struggles like a fish out of water.  The striker does manage to survive to the bell, though.

Round 2: Larkin lands a pretty solid kick to his opponent’s body before Brunson gets the takedown, and with three minutes left in the round you just have to assume that the striker is going to be absorbing more punishment. And guess what? You’d be right! Larkin escapes to his feet briefly before getting taken down again, and throughout he eats fists and forearms.

Round 3: The takedown comes in 45 seconds, and once more Brunson is grinding Larkin into jelly. Larkin has one attempt at a leglock, and he’s never in any danger of tapping out, but it’s all Brunson, all the time. Time expires with Larkin throwing desperate strikes on the feet and the judges marking off Brunson as the winner.

Result: Derek Brunson def. Lorenz Larkin via Unanimous Decision