-Tony Ferguson vs. Danny Castillo

Round 1: Castillo’s got one weapon – a right hand he can uncork to great effect – and he tries to employ it liberally. Meanwhile, Ferguson’s got solid boxing defense, ace footwork and strong kicks, all of which he uses to rack up points. The TUF winner switches gears mid-round and goes for a D’Arce that he willingly falls to his back for, and after almost a minute Castillo escapes. The round ends with the Team Alpha Male rep on top.

Round 2: The frame begins with more of the same, with Castillo at least incorporating his left hand into the action. But a split-second lapse by Ferguson has Castillo almost behind him, to which Ferguson rolls into a leglock attempt – an attempt that Castillo foils by scrambling and bringing the weight of his hips down fully on him. Aside from a sweet sweep, Castillo rides out the round on top.

Round 3: Castillo does a great job of getting Ferguson down and keeping him there. Sadly, he doesn’t do much more than hold him there, and Ferguson goes for Kimuras, a leglock and a triangle over the course of the round. Time expires with the Team Alpha Male-er going for a head/arm choke, but is it enough offense to merit the decision?

Result: Tony Ferguson def. Danny Castillo via Split Decision