After losing to Derek Brunson at UFC 177, Lorenz Larkin is looking to drop to a different weight class. He tweeted the following:

“Sorry everybody but I think it’s my time to listen to my coaches and team and drop to 170 sorry about the fight @ufc @ParadigmSM”

Down below is the play-by-play from this fight:

1st RD: Brunson clinches right out of the gat and puts Larkin on the fence. Larkin slides out and we are standing once more. Larkin mixes up his strikes with punches and kicks, Brunson presses forward. He looks for a takedown as Larkin back peddles his way into the fence. Brunson clinches with Larkin where he controls the action. Brunson lands a big left hand and locks in a guillotine choke. Larkin drops to the mat and Brunson let’s it go. Brunson get’s Larkin back and ground and pounds him. Brunson looks for a rear naked choke, but Larkin stays in this one. Brunson into side control where he continues the onslaught. We are going to the second round.

2nd RD: Larkin with a wild swing and a miss. Brunson shoots in, but Larkin stuffs him. Larkin lands a big time kick to the body of Brunson. Brunson get’s a takedown leading into guard. Larkin makes his way back up to his feet by using the cage. Larkin with a series of strikes, but Brunson get’s a trip takedown. Brunson into guard, but Larkin get’s saved by the bell.

3rd RD: Brunson looks for the takedown and after Larkin attempts to defend it, Brunson get’s it. Brunson into side control where he looks for a choke, but just leaves it alone. Brunson does a good job of mixing up his strikes to wear down Larkin. Brunson stays in control from top position as the minutes continue to tick down. Kenny Florian joins the commentary team as Rogan heads to the back for an interview. Yes that was the highlight in the three round. Brunson continues his dominate control from top position, but Larkin attempts a last second comeback as he makes his way to his feet, but we are going to the bell.

Result: Derek Brunson def. Lorenz Larkin by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

UFC 177 is in the books, but you can go back and read our play by play for the event on the main news board.