Thales Leites is coming off a win over Francis Carmont at UFC Fight Night 49 and now is looking for a fight.

“I have to seek for evolution, and I did that, said Leites. I’ve been some rough moments with injuries and I tried to change my style, become more aggressive. The sport has evolved and I had to follow it. My confidence has changed a lot, and this is great. Every time I win, I get more focused. I can’t promise wins, but I can promise good fights and my best all the time.”

Leites has an opponent in mind and that is Michael Bisping

“Bisping is a tough fighter, does great fights. He fights for a long time, does exciting fights. He’s well ranked, has a big name, and I think it’s would be great if we fight. It can be in Brazil or in England. I think it would be an interesting fight.”

Michael Bisping is coming off a win over Cung Le at UFC Fight Night 48. Both events took place the exact same day and basic booking would say let these two fight. What do you think? Let us know in the comment area below.