Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold have more than a few unkind things to say about each other during a press event today in Australia, and if you’re surprised by this, then clearly you’ve falled way behind in your MMA homework.

The two middleweights were in Sydney to promote their upcoming, November 7th fight, and the rivals continued what is quickly becoming one of the sport’s best rivalries.

If you don’t know, their beef kicked off a while back when Bisping claimed publicly that he bested Rockhold in a sparring session. Since then, the two have quarrelled publicly and then some, but more recently, their apparent hatred has reached new heights.

When you watch the video below, Bisping’s well documented abilities for trash talk are on full display, but Rockhold tries to hang in there.

You gotta love the “who’ve you knocked out” debate…

Whether you’re a fan of Bispig or not, you can’t deny “The Count” is pretty damn good at firing up hype for a fight. You can also see why Dana White came around to the idea of having the two scrap.