Although it’s been a couple of months now since BJ Penn’s stoppage loss to Frankie Edgar, and the legend’s career is likely over, debate about went down heading into the July 6th fight continues.

Following the one sided fight, Penn relayed that he would never hire renowned coach and nutritionist Mike Dolce again. At that time, Penn refused to elaborate on why, but Dolce made several comments on  a recent episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience”, which has the fighter talking now.

Dolce claims that Penn did not strictly adhere to the diet he outlined for him, but also noted that when he returned to the fighter’s camp several weeks out, the fighter was already down to 157. The nutritionist guru also says that he was concerned Penn wasn’t training enough, and that essentially, he had very “little influence.”

Well, in a recent interview with (you’ve got to give your own website the inside scoop of course), the former champ has denied much of what Dolce said. For example, in response to Dolce’s claim that he had little impact on Penn’s camp, the fighter said:

“He said he had no influence in my camp, but he brought in sparring partners, did my food and diet, and had me do his treadmill, plyometrics, and core routines. I don’t know what he’s talking about.”

And that Penn wasn’t training enough?

“We trained 5-6 days a week. Cardio in the morning, I ran anywhere from 4 to 8 miles a day, and sparring/grappling and MMA training in the evening,” said Penn. “I sparred 5 rounds at any moment. I passed all his treadmill intervals with flying colors, and I listened to him on every step of the diet that he gave me.”

The Hawaiian also claims that Dolce did not bring any food with him, and didn’t tell him what to eat (although the comment above says the trainer did outline his “food and diet). He also claims the nutritionist didn’t check in with him on fight day.

According to Penn, Dolce was paid $22,000 for 21 days of work. $1,000 a day? I could handle that kind of scratch. The interview concluded with Penn arguing that he did all of the work, in terms of his weight, and that “the money was charity for the Dolce Diet.”

Clearly things went south somewhere in all this, and it’s too bad that all this is going down after what was likely Penn’s last fight.

The interview is somewhat long, and covers various things, so you if you’re really invested in this story check out all of Penn’s responses.