Not surprisingly, Daniel Cormier has also been hit up for some cash, and ordered to perform community service, for the part he played in the now infamous brawl with Jon Jones back in August.

Earlier today, the Nevada State Athletic Commission announced that it was fining Jones $50,000, and ordering the UFC light-heavyweight champ to do 40 hours of community service, as a result of the incident. If you missed it, “Bones” also relayed in the hearing that the brawl cost him his lucrative deal with Nike…

The disciplinary action didn’t end there, however, as Cormier’s been fined $9,000 and sentenced to 20 hours of community service. According to a report from MMA, that figure represents 10% of what Cormier will collect when he fights Jones. The latter is set to make $500,000 (not including pay-per-view dividend of course), and thus why the champ was dinged for $50 grand.

Cormier also expressed his regret for the brawl, which as you likely recall,  its footage quickly blazed across the internet and televisions sets.

Jones and Cormier are booked to fight on January 3rd at UFC 182, which is expected to be hosted by the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

That is some kind of way to kick off the 2015, UFC campaign.