Tim Kennedy may be booked to fight rising middleweight Yoel Romero tomorrow at UFC 178, but the outspoken fighter’s latest comments insults about Vitor Belfort are making headlines.

As anyone who follows MMA regularly knows, Belfort has had a bit of a tough year, as “The Phenom” has yet to fight since he took out Dan Henderson last November. Belfort was set to challenge for the middleweight title way back in May, but after the Nevada Commission pulled the cord on testosterone-replacement-therapy, the punishing striker withdrew from the bout (Belfort was a TRT user).

Since TRT has always been a very contentions issue, to put it mildly, plenty of folks are really curious to see how Belfort looks and performs when he faces Weidman next year. One of those people is Mr. Kennedy, who’s made it abundantly clear in recent months that he’s not a fan of TRT and Belfort.

Case in point, here is some of what Kennedy had to say about the accomplished fighter in a recent interview with MMA Fighting.com:

“Guess what? Steroids work. They do,” says Kennedy. “You want to look like Vitor did two years ago? Use steroids. You want to perform like he did? Use steroids. They’re amazing. If you want to look like how Vitor looks now, don’t use steroids and then try to compete against guys like us that work hard.”

And how does Belfort look now? According to the decorated soldier?

“Smaller and fatter”

Ouch. Kennedy also went on to predict that there’s a “25%” chance that Belfort shows up to face the middleweight champ (they’re expected to fight in February, after Weidman was forced to drop out of their December 6th bout due to a hand injury).

Kennedy’s argument is that Belfort will likely get injured or test “positive”, and that if he does fight Weidman, it’s going to be a landslide in the champ’s favor (since Belfort would be off his “magic juice” as Kennedy put it).

All the Belfort talk aside, Kennedy has a tall order in front of him in Romero. Not only is the latter a ridiculously accomplished and talented wrestler, he’s got some serious stopping power.

The oddsmakers are also expecting a close fight, as Kennedy is the favorite, but only in the +110 to +125 range.

That bout isn’t getting as much press as some of other ones scheduled for tomorrow, but it’s a really important fight, and a further example of why the card’s so stacked.

UFC 178 will be hosted by the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.