If you enjoy listening to Conor McGregor trash other fighters and tell you why he’s the next best thing, then you’re going to enjoy watching “Conor vs. The Featherweights”. If you’ve grown a little tired of the talented fighter’s antics, well, you may want to watch something else.

That said, if you’re cheering for Dustin Poirier tomorrow night at UFC 178, and want more reasons to root against “Notorious”, then the video below should provide plenty of them…

Of course, McGregor has become one of the UFC’s fastest rising stars, thanks to his athletic gifts, fighting skills and self promoting talents. Love em or hate em, this video provides more evidence of this.

Going into Saturday’s fight with Poirier, McGregor is the favorite in a -280 to -300 range… Interesting, considering Poirier is ranked #5 and McGregor is #9.

UFC 178 will be hosted by the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Stay tuned to MMA Frenzy.com for all your coverage.