-Patrick Cote vs. Stephen Thompson

Round 1: Going in to this bout, we knew Thompson had a flashy, karate-based striking style, while Cote wielded a more traditional Muay Thai skill set. What that translated to was evident in the opening round: Thompson weaving in and out and back and forth, and occasionally flicking out an odd-angled kick or punch, and Cote eating a few to land one. Twice Cote went for takedowns that were stuffed, so it seemed that this one was going to be contested solely on the feet.

Round 2: Cote continued plodding forward, trying to time when to land his punches and kicks without much luck. On the other hand, Thompson was chipping away, and moving out of range with each strike landed – so much so that late in the round Cote rushed in in frustration and was dropped with a left hook. He recovered, but Thompson was clearly winning on the scorecards.

Round 3: Thompson was relentless in his methodical attack, and it was paying off, with him dropping Cote once more. He wisely beckoned his opponent to stand, and with jelly legs, Cote finished out the round trying not to let himself get KO’d by the technically superior Thompson.

Result: Stephen Thompson def. Patrick Cote via Unanimous Decision.