This fight got scrappy in a hurry with Nunes assuming top position over Zingano and unloading flurry after flurry, pummeling Zingano who, although was eating some monster shots, was constantly hunting for position. After landing 44 shots in around two minutes, Nunes made a slight error and Nunes was able to sweep her only to stand up and let her back up to her feet. Zingango lands a huge take down of her own to end the round on top but the damage done by Nunes was more than enough to seal the round in her favor.

They get right back into it in the second, clinching momentarily before Zingango lands another throw to get into side mount. It became clear pretty quickly that it was Zingano’s turn to fire back but Nunes had a better defensive game from the bottom absorbing far less punishment.

Heading into the third tied up at a round a piece, Zingano was the one who came out of the gate with aggression almost immediately throwing Nunes back to the ground and taking full mount. You’d have to wonder if Nunes emptied her gas tank trying to finish Zingano in her initial onslaught. Zingano is quick to unload with elbows and punches and with Nunes being incapable of defending, the referee is forced to step in and Zingano earns a TKO victory at 1:21 in round 3.

After her layoff and a shakey first round, Zingano comes back and shows why she was next in line to face Ronda Rousey for the title. And as promised by Dana White himself, we have our new number one contender for the Women’s Bantamweight title.