It sounds like several of Sweden’s fighters are getting trashed by fans, following UFC Fight Night 53 this past weekend in Stockholm, and Alexander Gustafsson has come to his teammate’s defence.

As you likely know, Saturday’s event saw several of Sweden’s top fighters throw down, but the nation ended up going 2-4 on the night. Magnus Cedenblad and Nico Musoke won their respective fights, but Niklas Backstrom, Akira Corassani, Tor Troeng and llir Latifi lost.

Corassani, Latifi and Backstrom were all taken out in the first round, and the latter was brutally KO’d by a Mike Wilkinson right hand.

Well, clearly some of the heat that’s been thrown the fighter’s way has riled up Gustafsson, as “The Mauler” has released an extensive statement through the social media app “Mikz” (if you have this then you’re likely a few steps ahead of the rest of us here…). Here is some of what the light-heavyweight contender had to say according to a report from MMA

I am reading the news and the comments from our fans with mixed feelings today. If you are a fan of this sport you should know what kind of preparations we go through in the camps. It’s nothing but hard training 2-3 time a day and a weight cut for 8-10 weeks where the fighters eat less during a whole day than a normal person do for just lunch…

And then having your own fans criticizing you after a loss with stupid comments and saying that you suck about your performance when 99% of them have no experience of the sport in real life, that’s not the way to support your fighters.

No misunderstanding, we love the support we get from all of you, but we cannot become the worst fighters in the world after a loss when we the fight before were the best fighters in the world.

We had a bad night last evening, but my team mates are still the worlds best mma fighters. I train with Ilir Latifi, I know he is a beast, I know how hard he prepared himself for this fight, but last night was not his night and he will come out of this much stronger. Niklas Backstrom, all of you fans have said he is the next star of Swedish MMA, I agree, he is a supertalent. Now I read everywhere that he is weak, he has no jaw and other stupid things. He got hit by a overhand and got knocked out, could happen to anyone. Tor Troeng is an experienced and a smart fighter, he fought well and sometimes it is just not your night, someone just for that night is better than you. Magnus Cedenblad, what a great fight, he really showed his heart last night and came back from the 2nd round in a really impressive win. Well done my friend.

Another thing is all the talk about Allstars Training Center and our coaches and the criticism they have received. Let me tell you this, I have been around in a few gyms around the world in my career, and getting better training than we all get at Allstars is hard to find. We have the best coaches you can have and that’s one of the reasons we have fighters coming from all countries in the world to train with us and be a part of the Allstar family.

To sum up this message, you can have good nights like we have had for the past years, and then you can have a bad night like we had last night…I would like you all instead, if you are a fan of the sport to support us in the good times and in the bad times and if you want to criticize us, give us constructive critics…

Wow. Sounds like some pretty harsh things are being said, but really, isn’t that just more of the same in MMA? Or most pro sports for that matter? Aren’t most comment sections littered with moronic and trolling statements?

Any ways, you can’t fault “The Mauler” for having Team Sweden’s backs, and he’s right. Although the likes of Backstrom and Latifi had bad nights, they’ll be back, and there’s no doubt the northern nation will continue to develop elite fighters.

As far as Gustafsson, it still remains to be seen when and who he’ll face next. The rising fighter was expected to face Anthony Johnson in early 2015, but now that the latter is indefinitely suspended, that fight’s up in the air. There’s been talk that Gustafsson will be matched up against Rashad Evans, but nothing has been booked as of yet.

UFC FN 53 went down at the Ericsson Globe Arena in Stockholm, Sweden.