Not that long ago, Anderson Silva hushed the MMA world in terms of how a third fight with Chris Weidman might go. Not only was the former middleweight champ sidelined with a broken leg, but Silva stated he had no desire to pursue the belt one more time. Based off what Silva was saying, most people expected that the 39 year-old would finish out his career by participating in ‘super’ like fights (as he will on January 31st when he battles Nick Diaz at UFC 183).

Well, whether it’s because of the successful recovery he’s reportedly had, or just a different mindset, Silva has clearly changed his mind. Recently Silva proclaimed he wants “my title back”, and now he’s also said he’d be willing to throw down with Weidman yet again.

Silva reportedly made the statement during an interview with Passando a Guarda. According to a follow up report from MMA Fighting (which did the translation), here is some of what Silva had to say:

“I think about fighting for the title again, of course,” Silva said. “I have seven fights left in my contract and, if I have a chance to fight for the title again, I will fight.”

“I will fight the fights I have left in my contract and, if I earn a chance to fight for the title one day, against (Weidman) or not – not being a friend or a training partner –, I will be happy,” the former champ furthered.

So, that’s some pretty big news, and considering how many times Silva has changed his mind in the past, not that surprising (at one point the Brazilian said he would hang up the gloves at 35…).

Now of course, it remains to be seen if Silva can work his way back into a title shot. First up, he’ll take on Diaz, but even if he defeats the renowned vet, one would think it won’t lead to a championship bout (although, you never know).

Speaking of the bout with Diaz, Silva reportedly added in the aforementioned interview that if Diaz doesn’t stall, fans should be prepared for a “fantastic fight”. Yup. Think everyone’s pretty much in agreement on this.

UFC 183 will be hosted by a venue to be determined in Las Vegas, Nevada.