Although most people have closed the book on Brock Lesnar’s MMA career, especially after the last round of rumours amounted to nothing,  at least one insider believes the heavyweight could still return to the UFC.

As you likely know, the 37 year-old Lesnar has been doing the pro-rasslin thing over with WWE, after he announced he was done fighting in 2011. The decorated wrestler had a highly publicized battle with diverticulitis, before Alistair Overeem stormed through him at UFC 141.

Now before you roll your eyes one more time here, WWE play-by-play man, Jim Ross, recently told FOX that he believes Lesnar’s WWE contract will expire soon. In addition, Ross had this to say about Lesnar and his health:

“It looks to me like he’s gotten back on track,” Ross said. “He looks phenomenal strength-wise. He’s just scary looking. He’s more scary looking than he was before he left [WWE the first time].”

Yes. A healthy and sculpted Lesnar is indeed one terrifying human being. Of course, one could argue that this doesn’t mean Lesnar will want to make another run in MMA, but there has been speculation whether he’ll resign with the WWE.

No one knows what Lesnar will decide to do, but Ross did offer this interesting take on the former UFC champ:

“I see no reason he couldn’t have the potential to return to the UFC and sell pay-per-views.”

It may seem like ancient history now, as far as how fast things change in MMA, but it wasn’t that long ago when Lesnar was moving a ton of PPV buys for the UFC. Although the hype regarding his fighting career has been reduced considerably, since Lesnar was stopped in his last two UFC fights, there’s no doubt a lot of people would tune in if he returned to the Octagon. At least for his first scrap.

Again, this is all crazy speculation, but it would really be something if the hulking heavyweight stepped into the cage one more time no?