Anderson Silva attended a press conference in Rio de Janeiro recently to promote his upcoming bout with Nick Diaz, and during it, the legend relayed he’s not a fan of trash talking.

Of course, Silva and Diaz are scheduled to fight on January 31st at UFC 183. While it’s been pretty quiet as of late, in terms of trash talk, it wasn’t that long ago when Diaz criticized Silva’s punching techniques. Anyone who has followed Mr. Diaz’s career, knows that the Stockton fighter isn’t exactly one to hold back on his opinions and or criticisms.

So, when Silva was reportedly asked about what he will do if Diaz starts tossing out more verbal shots as their bout nears, the former champ stated (quote via MMA

“I’m very easygoing,” Silva said through a translator. “I’m in a radical sport, for a lot of people it’s a violent sport, but I’m a very easygoing guy.

“I think my work has nothing to do with my personality, but I don’t like to be disrespected as a man. I think you need to have respect as an athlete and as a man. If he disrespects me, things are going to happen as they need to happen.”

Wow. Of all the fighters on this planet that you don’t want to piss of, one would think Silva has got to be at the top of that list. The former champ’s boxing coach, Luis Dorea, also offered this take on Diaz’s criticism of Silva, as well as the veteran’s own striking pedigree:

“It’s part of promoting, he’s got a good level (of boxing). But … Anderson is a lot more superior technically. Nick Diaz is strong, he comes forward, but Anderson, with his natural ability, he’s much better.”

It’s a huge, huge fight, and it will be fascinating to see how Silva looks against Diaz, and whether the latter can shut down his opponent’s reach advantage. If Silva loses, chances are there will be widespread calls for the 39 year-old star to retire, while Diaz isn’t the favorite heading into the bout, and has less to lose.

The bout will mark the first time Silva has fought since he broke his leg versus champion Chris Weidman last December, while Diaz hasn’t fought since March, 2013, when he was decisioned by Georges St-Pierre.

UFC 183 will go down in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the official venue has yet to be confirmed.