Although Brock Lesnar hasn’t said anything about it, speculation that the heavyweight may be heading back to the UFC is in full effect, and Frank Mir evidently wants to welcome him if he does.

The latest  round of ‘dude, I heard Lesnar’s coming back’ rumors have materialized, since the fighter is apparently close to concluding his current WWE pro rasslin deal. In a recent interview with the Brazilian outlet Combate, Mir relayed he’d be interesting in facing Lesnar for a third time (translation via Bloody Elbow):

“If think that his come back would be good for MMA. He’s still popular, people know who he is and he brings attention. We are tied with one win each. I would enjoy a rubber match. I would like to welcome him back to the UFC.”

If you’re new to the sport, Mir and Lesnar fought for the first time back in 2008, in what was the latter’s second MMA bout. Mir won the fight with a highlight reel knee bar in the opening round.

In 2009, after Lesnar had taken out Heath Herring and Randy Couture, they fought again. This time, however, Lesnar went on to stop Mir in the second round.

Now of course, all of this talk amounts to pretty much nothing right now, but if, and that’s still a big if, Lesnar comes back to the UFC, a third fight with Mir might be a possibility. Since Mir has lost four straight fights, however, Lesnar’s camp may elect to face someone who is higher up the ranks. Depending, of course, on what Lesnar’s goals are in his MMA return, again, if it even happens.

The 37 year-old hasn’t fought since 2011 when he was quickly taken out by Alistair Overeem. Lesnar said he was done fighting after the bout, and cited his extensive battle with diverticulitis as a factor.

Recently Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira has been calling for a third fight with Mir, who has already stopped the legendary fighter twice. Mir has said he’s open to the bout, as long as he has something to “gain.” Nogueira may really, really want that fight, but it’s kind of hard imagining the UFC moving forward with it no?