Although Anderson Silva  put away Vitor Belfort in the opening round, back in 2011, the legendary fighter recently had some high praise for the middleweight contender.

Silva held a press conference in Rio de Janeiro this week to promote his upcoming, January 31st bout with Nick Diaz, and was asked about Belfort. “The Phenom”, as you know, is set to face Chris Weidman next, once the champ recover’s from a hand injury.

According to a report from MMA, here is some of what the former champ had to say about his fellow Brazilian:

“In my opinion, Vitor is the most complete fighter at 185 pounds,” Silva said. “The most explosive, with the best boxing, good jiu-jitsu and wrestling. Weidman is young, (part of) the new generation, and is coming strong. It’s a fight everybody wants to see. I will root for Vitor to win, obviously.”

How about that huh? Now sure, Silva said Belfort is the “most complete”, which doesn’t necessarily mean he’s the hardest to beat. Plenty of folks likely have Weidman as the top middleweight, since he’s the champ and has defeated Silva twice, as well as the highly regarded Lyoto Machida.  Is Weidman the most “complete” 185’er though? That’s probably up for debate.

Of course, another of the division’s baddest fighters is Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza. Who has added some punishing strikes to one of the planet’s best ground games. Silva also had this to say about “Jacare” and his title shot run:

“I wouldn’t fight Jacare, who is a friend, a brother, and I know how much he works and wants this. He earned it,” he said. “If I have to fight Weidman one day, I will do it. A fight is a fight, but I won’t call anybody out.”

As it stands right now, the middleweight division could offer some of the more fascinating fights and story lines in 2015.

Silva vs. Diaz will headline UFC 183, which will go down in Las Vegas, Nevada.