You know a fighter is a ridiculously huge deal, when their next fight isn’t for several more months, and every day there’s a new story about it.

Of course, one of these fighters is Mr. Anderson Silva, who is set to battle Nick Diaz on January 31st. Not only does the bout have a ton of buzz because it involves two of the sport’s biggest stars, but because it will mark the comeback of Silva.

How will Silva look? Will he still have the mind blowing mobility he once had? Following his horrific leg injury? Will he mentally be the same? Silva broke his leg last December in a bout with middleweight champ, Chris Weidman.

Well,  Dan Hardy recently talked about some of these issues in his column for the British publication “The Independent.” Here is some of what the bruising welterweight had to say about Silva:

Only Silva knows if there will be any hesitation in his kicking game when stepping back into the Octagon. It’s hard to believe as a fan and fighter that it won’t be on his mind at least a little. However, Anderson is a special kind of athlete. He has overcome adversity throughout his entire career and although we’ve not seen anything comparable to this, it sometimes takes seemingly insurmountable odds to show true greatness.

I have no doubt that a martial artist like Anderson Silva will see this as an opportunity to shine. What comes next is anyone’s guess. We know he has the skills to come back and shock the world, he appears to be in a strong place psychologically and you can bet he has had the best medical treatment available. Can he be as good as he was? Will he come back on another level entirely? What has this time away to reflect done for one of the greatest martial artists in the world?

It’s a massive, massive fight on so many levels, and if Diaz wins, what will that mean for his immediate UFC future?

Hardy had a lot to say about Silva, and the entire column is definitely worth a read.

As far as Hardy goes, the British fighter and former contender recently announced he hopes to return to the cage in 2015.

Hardy hasn’t fought since September, 2012, when he decisioned Amir Sadollah. “The Outlaw” has been sidelined since, after he was diagnosed with a rare heart condition. It will be good to see him back in the Octagon.

UFC 183 will go down in Las Vegas, Nevada at a venue that has yet to be determined.