Now that it’s been announced that Conor McGregor will throw hands with Dennis Siver on January 18th, it hasn’t taken “Notorious” long to resume sending verbal shots the featherweight’s way. Surprised?

McGregor and Siver exchanged a few words on Twitter not long ago, and now they’ve been booked to headline UFC Fight Night 59 in Boston. McGregor attended a Q&A session in Rio de Janeiro on Friday, and when he wasn’t listening to boos from the Brazilian crowd, he was tossing out more brash statements.

In terms of Siver, here is some of what McGregor had to say (quotes via

“I am the number one contender,” McGregor said. “The next time Jose steps into the Octagon after Saturday night, it will be to face me. In the meantime, I took another fight with Dennis Siver to eliminate another contender.”

“Dennis is an easy contest,” he said. “I see him as a keep fresh, get rich fight.”

Yup. That is some bold rhetoric coming from the Irish fighter, but what else is new right? The funny thing is, that more than a few folks likely agree with his take on it, in terms of the “keep fresh, get rich fight.” Many observers, and fighters, have been calling for McGregor to face a top tier, well rounded wrestler in the Octagon.

Now does this mean Siver has no chance? Of course not. While the German fighter has come up short against top ranked fighters like Cub Swanson or Donald Cerrone, Siver is 7-2, with 1 no contest, in his last 10 fights. He also possesses some nasty spinning kicks and an underrated top game as well.

If McGregor wins, then he’ll almost certainly be tapped to fight the winner of Jose Aldo-Chad Mendes, which will go down tomorrow night. While discussing the featherweight champ Aldo, McGregor told the Brazilian crowd:

“I respect all competitors that step into the Octagon,” he said. “The Brazilian fighters have been game changers over the years. Anderson Silva is one of the greatest of all-time. But again, business is business. It is not personal, and I must eliminate Jose Aldo on the way to the gold.”

It certainly will be interesting to see if Aldo can keep the title in Brazilian hands.

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