If you missed last night’s UFC 179 card then chances are you’ve already heard your life will be incomplete, until you watch Jose Aldo vs. Chad Mendes II. Sure, some folks are prone to exaggeration, but it was truly an amazing, back-and-forth slugfest.

While Aldo outscored Mendes and recorded the unanimous decision win, two of the featherweight champ’s best shots came after the opening round ended.

Both Aldo and Mendes scored knockdowns during the thrilling, opening frame, but a second after the first round ended, the Brazilian blasted the American with two hard punches. Although Mendes clearly was able to continue, the blows weren’t received well by Mendes’ supporters.

Well, during his post-fight interview with FOX Sport 2, Aldo was understandably asked about the late shots.

“I was waiting for the ref to stop the round, said Aldo.  “I could not hear it.”

Dana White was also predictably asked to weigh-in on the strikes, and the UFC boss man told FOX Sports:

“You couldn’t hear the bell go off here. It was so loud in the arena. I didn’t hear it. My phone was blowing up afterward saying it was a cheap shot, but you couldn’t hear the bell.”

While Aldo’s response may not satisfy critics or Mendes’ fans, the champ’s supporters will likely point to the fact the contender was warned on two occasions for eye pokes. You know, in terms of the ‘who did what foul’ debate.

Late shots aside, it was still an epic fight, and both men went on to land brutal shots after the opening round as well. Here’s what White had to say about unforgettable scrap during the aforementioned interview:

“That’s the best featherweight title fight I’ve ever seen. It lived up to my expectations. This was a great fight for Jose and Chad was in shape coming in and brought out the best in Jose.”

Hard to argue with any of that. Up next, Aldo will wait to see if Conor McGregor can get by Dennis Siver on January 18th. If “Notorious” does, then Aldo will look to derail the massive hype train that’s following McGregor next.

UFC 179 went down in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In 2012, Aldo stopped Mendes in the first round at UFC 142.