If you’ve muttered ‘seriously?’ in recent months, when Anderson Silva has repeatedly insisted he planned to compete in all 7 of his remaining contracted fights, be prepared to do so again…

Yes, the 39 year-old legend, who turns 40 in April, 2015, is reporting that he’s negotiated a new deal with the UFC which is much, much longer. How long you ask? According to Silva, it’s for 15 fights. That’s 15, as in 10 plus 5.

Silva relayed the news recently while talking to Globo’s Combate.com (translation via MMA Fighting.com):

“I had seven fights on my contract (after the Diaz fight).I met Lorenzo and Dana on Thursday and that contract was canceled. We signed for another 15 fights,” Silva said. “To make Dana crazy, I signed for 15 more fights. And to make my family crazy, too.”

After Silva broke his leg, during his second defeat to middleweight champion Chris Weidman last December, some members of his family relayed that they were hoping for the legend to retire. As it stands right now, it doesn’t look like Silva’s thinking of doing that any time soon.

Although, if his comeback doesn’t go according to plan or he has some setbacks in the next year or so, Silva could just hang up the gloves. He won’t necessarily fight 15 more times. If Silva were to fight 3 times a year, which is kind of pushing it, he wouldn’t complete the deal until he’s 45.

While it remains to be seen what unfolds for Silva in 2015, unless he gets released by the UFC at some juncture, he’ll retire with the company.

Silva also apparently noted that he’s no longer sponsored by Nike, but that he and his reps are in talks with the sporting goods giant’s competitor, Adidas.

“The Spider” is scheduled to fight Nick Diaz on January 31st at UFC 183. Prior to his consecutive defeats to Weidman, Silva had won 17 straight fights and while doing so, entrenched himself as one of the sport’s greatest fighters ever.

It’s worth noting that Jose Aldo won his 18straight fight this past Saturday by decisioning Chad Mendes. Aldo laid claim to ZUFFA’s featherweight title in 2009 by stopping Mike Brown. Since then, the Brazilian has defended it 9 times.