Wanderlei Silva may not have the desire to fight for the Ultimate Fighting Championship again, but apparently, the storied fighter is still interested in facing his longtime rival, Chael Sonnen….

Yes, as you almost certainly know, Silva announced in September that he was done with fighting, and cited the UFC’s treatment of its fighters as a key reason why. The legend’s decision also came just a few days before he received a lifetime ban from the Nevada State Athletic Commission, as Silva failed to take a random drug test earlier in 2014.

So where is this all coming from? Well, “The Axe Murderer” was apparently in Brazil this past weekend and did some color commentating for an XFC International card in Sao Paulo. According to a report from MMA Fighting.com, Silva relayed at some point that he would come out of retirement to fight Sonnen. The 38 year-old was also reportedly asked by the promoter about facing Sonnen, and Silva said if Sonnen accepts the fight, “why not? “Come get it.”

Now does any of this mean Silva-Sonnen could go down after all? Even though Sonnen is also retired and is currently suspended for two years? The chances are slim and none.

Not only do most athletic commissions frown on licensing fighters who are currently suspended somewhere else, but there are almost certainly contractual obligations with the UFC, which would stand in the way of the fight happening. In other words, the UFC isn’t going to just stand by and let another promoter book a high profile fight, between two men who not long ago, were scheduled to fight under their own banner.

Sonnen closed out his career having been stopped by Rashad Evans in his last outing, while Silva hadn’t fought since May, 2013, when he KO’d Brian Stann.