Johny Hendricks has clearly made the transition from wrestling to MMA in spectacular fashion, as the decorated wrestler has added the UFC Welterweight Championship to his resume, and brutalized several opponents along the way. While “Bigg Rigg” has become one of the planet’s best pound-for-pound fighters, Hendricks hasn’t abandoned the wrestling regiment that got him there.

Recently, Oklahoma State Athletics caught up with Hendricks, right after he had finished wrestling practice with the University’s team. During the interesting interview, which you can watch below, Hendricks outlines why, in his opinion, nothing prepares him better for a fight than wrestling. You may not agree, for whatever reason, but he makes some pretty compelling arguments in the segment.

Training aside, Hendricks is set to battle Robbie Lawler at UFC 181, which will go down on December 6th in Las Vegas, Nevada. That is a can’t miss fight folks.