Welcome to MMAFrenzy’s Bellator 131 live results and play-by-play extravaganza. Tonight, Bellator has brought out the big guns for a rare Saturday night show that’s going head-to-head against both the UFC and World Series of Fighting – and because Bellator has former UFC champ Tito Ortiz taking on TUF 1 legend Stephan Bonnar ON FREE TV, you have to assume that this here party is where it’s at. So sit down, strap in, and get ready for some action. I ain’t stoppin’ for nothin’!

Bellator 131 prelim results (Spike.com)

  • Rolando Perez vs. Mark Vorgeas – Split Draw
  • Jordan Bailey def. Alex Higley via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 3:27, R1
  • Nick Garcia def. Matthew Ramirez via Submission (Guillotine) at :56, R2
  • Andy Murad def. Bubba Pugh via Split Decision
  • Jonathan SantaMaria def. Ron Henderson via Split Decision
  • AJ Matthews def. Kyle Bolt via KO (Punches) at 1:39, R1
  • Joao Faria def. Ian Butler via Submission (Head/Arm Choke) at 1:58, R3

Main Card results (SpikeTV)

-“King Mo” vs. Joe Vedepo

Round 1: Vedepo pretty much sprints out of his corner and starts swinging at King Mo’s face, which earns in a trip to the canvas via smooth double-leg takedown. Mo stays on him, peppering him with some big shots while pressuring him with some wrestle-room love. Vedepo eats a ton of punishment while on his back, and his only answer is to fire off an illegal up-kick and hope that his swelling eyes can hide the reality of the beating he’s taking.

Round 2: Vedepo comes out the same way he did in the first, only this time he hits the mat within five seconds. For the briefest of moments he attempts to work for a Kimura, but Mo gets out of it easily and resumes the pressure. Curiously, Vedepo does manage to get back to his feet and throw some weary strikes; however, it doesn’t last long, and soon the former Strikeforce champ spends the rest of the round whomping him.

Round 3: Whatever Vedepo had in the tank in the two prior rounds is completely gone when the third starts, as evidenced by him lumbering to the center of the cage like a zombie and King Mo finishing him with a storm of fists.

Result: Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal def. Joe Vedepo via TKO (Punches) at :39, R3

-Mike Richman vs. Nam Phan

Round 1: When last we saw Phan (in the UFC), he was addicted to standing and banging and getting plastered. Yeah, nothing has changed. He walks forward, ducking his head while trying to repeatedly wing a right hand, and after about 2o of those moves Ruchman says, “Screw it” and just uncorks on him. Phan falls to the canvas, stumbles over to the cage, and eventually is pummeled into a ball. Thankfully, the ref steps in and calls the bout.

Result: Mike Richman def. Nam Phan via KO (Punches) at :46, R1

-Melvin Manhoef vs. Joe Schilling

Round 1: Usually, when two stud kickboxers step into the cage we get a piss-poor grappling match. Manhoef and Schilling ain’t about that life, though. After a very brief feeling out period, they commence to clobbering, with Manhoef dropping Schilling with a lightning-like punch and following him to the canvas with a flurry. Manhoef goes to work a bit dropping leather from within his opponent’s guard, but a referee standup has them smashing each other something fierce.

Round 2: Wow! They pick up right where they left off in the previous round, and in the blink of an eye Manhoef is unloading on Schilling’s face – until BAM! Schilling sneaks in a left- and a right hook that puts Manhoef to sleep.

Result: Joe Schilling def. Melvin Manhoef via KO (Punches) at :32, R2

-Will Brooks vs. Michael Chandler

Round 1: Chandler stalks Brooks like a hunter going after a deer that once kicked his ass, but it’s a minute and a half before he manages to get Brooks against the cage and work his way onto his back. The former champ is too high though, and Brooks shucks him off and they return to fighting from a distance, taking potshots and flitting about. Thanks to his rangier limbs, Brooks has some success chopping away at Chandler’s thigh with an inside-leg kick.

Round 2: Chandler turns a single-leg attempt into some battling for position against the cage, but things grind to a halt when he kicks his foe square in the cup. Brooks eventually recovers, and in between his bouts of dancing around the cage, he lands a beautiful sidekicks and muffs a Capoeira kick. Chandler shuts him down with damaging dirty boxing, then almost finishes him with a tight guillotine attempt. But Brooks survives it, and Chandler is exhausted in the final sequence he eats a ton of knuckles.

Round 3: The former champ is totally recovered at the start of the third, and he resumes chasing the elusive Brooks around, seeking the tie-up. He gets what he’s looking for after about a minute and a half, but Brooks turns the tables and works him over a bit against the fence. They pretty much stalemate in the final minute.

Round 4: The pace slows considerably with exhaustion setting in, but they’re still going at it – Chandler with big overhand rights that whiff air, Brooks with a takedown and some punches throughout a scramble. Then, in a very strange turn of events, Brooks clips him with a right and Chandler is suddenly dazed and confused and waving off the fight – something he can’t remember doing in the seconds following the referee’s stoppage. It’s a good, viable stoppage though, as Chandler was zonked.

Result: Will Brooks def. Michael Chandler via TKO (Punches) at 3:48, R4

-Tito Ortiz vs. Stephan Bonnar

Round 1: By now, after years of watching these two in action, we know what they want to do in a fight – for Ortiz, it’s a takedown and ground and pound, while for Bonnar it’s dirty boxing. And after about a minute and a half, Ortiz is en route to getting his way with some grinding standup-wrestling against the cage. But Bonnar gets some distance and tries to work his jab, and soon after Ortiz nails him in the nuts with a knee. They restart, and the TUF 1 vet starts stringing together boxing combinations interspersed with the former UFC champ sneaking in a couple big punches where he can. Ortiz gets the takedown with about 12 seconds left in the round, and time runs out with him on top.

Round 2: Folks, it gets real sloppy right about now. Showing every bit of their years of wear and tear in the cage, Ortiz and Bonnar mixing lumbering punches with clumsy takedown attempts. In the boxing department, Bonnar’s output outshines Ortiz’s, but Ortiz blocks most of it; in the grappling department, Ortiz bullrushes into a couple takedowns, and the subsequent scrambling resembles two drunks brawling on the sidewalk.

Round 3: Ortiz comes out and makes it a wrestling match for a bit, which obviously favors him, but the ensuing striking exchanges are all huffing and puffing while a dinged up Bonnar bleeds from various cuts on his face. It’s hard to pin down who looks worse, although Ortiz does seem to land more effectively.

Result: Tito Ortiz def. Stephan Bonnar via Split Decision