Recently Georges St-Pierre argued that Nick Diaz “made a mistake” by agreeing to fight Anderson Silva at 185 pounds, and not surprisingly, the comments didn’t sit well with the Stockton fighter.

GSP was asked to weigh-in on the upcoming, January 31st bout, while he was on Chael Sonnen’s “You’re Welcome” podcast. St-Pierre actually stated that he might favor Diaz to win the bout, if it was at a catchweight, but believes Silva will have the advantage since the fight’s at middleweight.

Well, Diaz was asked about St-Pierre’s comments while he was appearing on the latest edition of “The MMA Hour”, and here is some of what the outspoken vet had to say (quotes via MMA

“The thing is about old Georges is he’s not doing the fight, okay?” Diaz said. “So, he didn’t take the fight. He could barely say two things and he’d get the fight, just like that. But he didn’t want the fight. He’s scared to do the fight, and he’s scared to do the fight at 185 pounds, and he thinks that we have so much in common that maybe I don’t want to do the fight at 185. How the f**k does he know? Who knows, maybe I have a harder time making weight than old Georges does. I come in there skinny as s**t. Georges packs on an extra 20 pounds of muscle. I’m like, that’s what I have to do to fight at 185 pounds. So you can look at it like, however you want, but the thing is, the fact is, I’m like he didn’t really take into consideration what’s what when it comes to what’s really on with it.”

“You don’t know what the f**k you’re talking about until you’re actually the guy in the driver’s seat,” Diaz said. “So you can f**kin’ run your mouth, or you know, you can be the ball and do what you gotta do. So that’s me, that’s where I am at. But I don’t know, I don’t go ahead and give my opinion on what I think fighters should’ve done or would’ve done, because I’m not them…”

How about that folks? Anyone surprised? The 31 year-old fighter is of course referring to the fact, that for some time, there was extensive speculation that the UFC was hoping to book Silva-GSP.

St-Pierre repeatedly stated that he would have to put on a considerable amount of weight, and leave the welterweight division, before he would consider fighting Silva.

Diaz and Silva will throw down in the headliner of UFC 183, which will go down on January 31st. Chances are we’ll be left with a good indication of whether St. Pierre was right…