Although there’s not as much talk nowadays about how a fight would unfold between Anderson Silva and Jon Jones, the latter has relayed he’s not interested in fighting the legend, under any circumstances.

When Silva was the reigning middleweight king, every now and then debates and questions would pop up, regarding a bout between “The Spider” and “Bones”. Silva typically dismissed talk of a “super fight” with the UFC’s light-heavyweight champ, however, as the Brazilian star has primarily competed at 185. In addition, now Silva’s been defeated by current middleweight champ Chris Weidman on two occasions, and more people are focused on whether he can in fact reclaim the belt at 185.

Well, despite the fact no one is realistically expecting Silva vs. Jones any time soon, if ever, the light-heavyweight champ was recently asked about the possibility of fighting Silva at a UFC presser. According to a report from MMA, here is some of what Jones had to say.

“I would never want to fight Anderson. Never. Ever.”

“I just look up to him so much,” Jones said. “And he’s just…I don’t have many people that I’ve looked up to in my lifetime and think, ‘wow, how cool would it be to be that guy.’ Look at what he’s done. Jordan, LeBron, Anderson, Kobe, I consider them all in the same type of class. The Jeters. Athletes of that caliber don’t come around that often. I don’t want to be the guy to beat him. Even though that’s happened already, I wouldn’t want to lose to him and I don’t want to beat him. “

That’s some high praise from Jones, and it’s also pretty understandable, considering what Silva has accomplished during his storied career. Of course, the UFC could move a ton of tickets by booking Jones-Silva, but clearly Jones isn’t interested, and Silva also has never been warm to the idea. In addition, at this stage of Silva’s career, the UFC has more to gain if the former champ can come back and make another title run at 185.

All this aside, Jones is scheduled to battle Daniel Cormier on January 3rd, and if he defends the belt, he’ll move on to face the winner of Alexander Gustafsson-Anthony Johnson,

Silva, meanwhile, is booked to fight Nick Diaz on January 31st. Recently UFC President Dana White confirmed that Silva could lock up another title shot if he takes out Diaz.