BJ Penn’s storied MMA career may be over, but if Metamoris promoter Ralek Gracie has his way, the retired fighter will compete for the grappling event in the near future.

If you’re just an ‘ultimate fighting’ fan, or part of the ‘just stand and bang’ camp, then you may not be familiar with Metamoris. It’s a professional grappling event, where matches can only be won via submission. So, in other words, it encourages action rather than laying and praying.

To date, several UFC vets have competed for Metamoris, including men like Josh Barnett, Chael Sonnen, Vinny Magalhaes and Dean Lister. At Metamoris 5 this coming Saturday, welterweight contender Rory MacDonald will take on JT Torres.

Gracie recently appeared on “The MMA Hour”, and the promoter confirmed that he’s hoping to book Penn for the event. Gracie had this to say about the BJJ black belt and former UFC champ (quotes via MMA

“I would love to do something with B.J. Penn. I’d love to have him in my event,” said Gracie. “I think just him coming back to his roots as a grappler would just be incredible. People would just get to see a whole other side of him, embracing that side of his culture, which I think is really important to him, big part of his introduction to MMA. I’m definitely interested in doing something with B.J. Penn.”

Gracie also said that they’ve had discussions with Penn about him competing,  but that “timing-wise it just hasn’t really worked.”

There’s no doubt that a lot of folks would like to see Penn compete for Metamoris, and it would also be a great way to build the event’s audience, beyond just grappling enthusiasts.

Metamoris 5 will take place in Long Beach this Saturday, beginning at 2:00PM/PT.

The event will be available for viewing via online pay-per-view, and will feature Kazushi Sakuraba versus Renzo Gracie in the main event.

Other matches that are booked include Yuri Simoes vs. Rafael Lovato Jr. and Garry Tonon vs. Zak Maxwell. A ‘secret match’ is also scheduled (cue suspenseful music…).

Now that’s a match-up a lot of old school fans are going to want to see.