At the UFC’s big press conference last week, light-heavyweight champ Jon Jones relayed that he might consider fighting at heavyweight, if he defends the 205 title a couple more times. Although Jones didn’t say he wants to make a title run at heavyweight, not surprisingly, the comments have prompted plenty of discussion as to how he might do against champion Cain Velasquez.

After all, Mr. Jones is currently ranked as the promotion’s #1 pound-for-pound fighter, and certainly isn’t a light-heavyweight that one would describe as ‘on the small side’.

Well, Velasquez’s teammate, Luke Rockhold, was recently asked to weigh-in on how Jones would perform against the heavyweight champ. Here is some of what the AKA middleweight had to say (quotes via MMA

“Not a chance,” said Rockhold, while discussing whether Jones could defeat his friend and training partner.

“Cain, just the storm that he can put on you, you can’t stop it. I’ve trained with the guy, I’ve sparred with him so many times, and when he wants to get after you, he’s going to get after you. You can only run away so long. Jon Jones doesn’t have the style to keep him off him. Cain is just a beast, he’ll bull his way right through him.”

Jones admitted that he wasn’t sure how he would do against larger heavyweights, but said he was open to fighting smaller ones, and in particular, he mentioned Fabricio Werdum. Velasquez isn’t a massive heavyweight of Brock Lesnar proportions, but since he’s so quick and ridiculously well rounded, you have to wonder if Jones could in fact weather the storm.

A tee-un of people would buy tickets and pay-per-views to find out. That’s for damn sure.

In the meantime, Jones has to get through Daniel Cormier on January 3rd, and if he does, he’ll move on to face the winner of Alexander Gustafsson-Anthony Johnson.

Velasquez, meanwhile, will face Werdum in early 2015–hopefully–and if he wins, it’s not clear who he would face next. Chances are it could be Stipe Miocic, provided the latter gets by Junior dos Santos on December 13th.