It’s been a little while now since the UFC and Reebok announced its uniform deal, and while it remains to be seen how it all plays out, Dana White says all the cash it generates is headed to the fighters.

If you missed it earlier, basically the UFC is coming out with personalized uniforms for each of its fighters, which Reebok will make. Fighters will receive sponsorship cash for wearing the uniforms, and the amount will depend on where they’re ranked. They’ll also receive 20% of the sales their specific uniform generates.

The announcement has prompted many to wonder just how much the UFC stands to make out of the deal, and just how much will wind up in the pockets of fighters. Well, in a follow up interview with MMA, here is some of White had to say:

“The UFC won’t make a dime off this. Not one penny…We’re looking at this thing long term, not a short term, six year money grab or anything like that. It’s a long term play for us and we’re giving all of the money to the fighters.”

While that may be the case, it’s unclear right now, just how much money will go to the fighters. While the lower tier competitors likely stand to gain, as sponsorships are hard to find these days, top ranked fighters may not like the fact they can no longer wear other sponsorships during fight week.

Some of the sport’s stars have some big sponsorship deals, which could take a hit if they can’t wear them out to the Octagon etc.

White also said in the interview that they plan to review which media members are determining the promotion’s rankings. With this new deal, clearly rankings are more important than ever, and there certainly have been some WTF ranking adjustments in the past.

Of course, not all the questions have been answered just yet, but this has the potential to be a big story moving forward and into 2015.