It’s been a couple of months now since Tim Kennedy’s controversial, stoppage loss to Yoel Romero, and it remains to be seen when the middleweight will fight again.

Since “stoolgate”, Kennedy has relayed he’s still really pissed off about what went down at UFC 178, which if you recall, was pretty ridiculous.

Kennedy had Romero badly stunned after round two ended, but due to some extra vaseline on the latter’s face, and a ‘whoopsy’, the stool’s still in the cage, he was provided extra time to recover. Romero came out firing in round three, and quickly put Kennedy away with strikes.

Well, recently Chael Sonnen had Michael Bisping on his podcast, who you may recall, was decisioned by Kennedy earlier this year. The two weighed in on Kennedy’s loss to Romero, and the comments he’s made since, and here is some of what they had to say (comments via MMA

“Tim Kennedy is one cranky and bitter son of a b***h,” Sonnen said. “Have you seen some of the stuff he’s saying lately? He’s threatening to never come back to the sport because he’s so upset about ‘stoolgate.’ This guys is one of these guys that, for me, he gets a pass. I’m an American, he’s an American hero. He served the country well. He did some things. He’s a hero. That’s where it ends. But the guy says some stuff that if he wasn’t a hero… Somebody needs to tell him to shut up. Tim, you gotta stop, man. You’re so bitter.”

“They allowed the fight to continue, he got knocked out,” Bisping added. “What can you say? Take it like man and say, ‘Congratulations.’

Wow. Chances are those comments, particularly the ones from Bisping, may not sit too well with Kennedy and his fanbase.

Whether you agree with Sonnen and Bisping or not, Kennedy does need to put the loss behind him and move on. Prior to the defeat he had won four straight, and while the defeat was a setback, Kennedy’s ranked at #7.

One more big win or two, and the 35 year-old could be right back in the title shot mix. The only issue is, nearly all of the top ten 185’ers are currently booked for fights.