UFC 181 started out with an action packed affair between two powerful strikers in Alex White and “Cassius” Clay Collard. The two featherweights put their chins and will on the line throughout all three rounds of the fight.

The first round featured both fighters landing back and forth punches and kicks, and especially targeting the midsection. It seemed like White was landing the harder shots, but that thought was quickly erased in the second round when Collard landed the only knock down of the fight with a wide left hook. Even though White used a leg lock to escape back up to his feet, he later found himself in trouble when Collard pulled guard with a tight triangle attempt. The second round was the most decisive round of the fight, but White showed heart in the last stanza. Some late pressure and a late takedown attempt by White was his effort to sway the momentum his way, but ultimately it was “Cassius Clay Collard who got the decision.

The two featherweights started off tonight’s action and got the night off to a good start. Both fighters were a little sloppy, but didn’t hesitate to throw down. Some good submission attempts and devastating punches and kicks were on full effect, but it was Collard who was the more active and more effective fighter.