I’m sure Anthony Pettis’s heart sank when he saw his brother get dropped by an overhand left in the opening moments of his younger brother’s bout against Matt “The Crowbar” Hobar. However Sergio showed his durability by showcasing his active bottom-game; threatening with submission attempts and dangerous upkicks.

While the first round put Pettis in trouble early, the second round was a clear showcase of Pettis’s real potential. Sergio put the pressure on and his technique started to shine as he landed several head kicks, combinations, and had Hobar hurt throughout the majority of the round.

Pettis then came out in the third round as the fresher fighter, and once again his technique was on display as he ducked, slipped, and blocked all of Hobar’s attempts to mount any offense. Pettis ultimately out-pointed Matt Hobar with a unanimous decision victory.

All-in-all, Pettis was able to showcase his potential, but not without having to go through some adversity. Pettis appeared to be a slow starter this bout, and he almost paid price for it via Hobar’s left hand, but Pettis ultimately made the necessary adjustments, settled in, and got the job done. The Pettis become 1 for 1 tonight.