Coming into this fight I believed Raquel Pennington was going to have success if she could stay off the ground, off the cage, and strike from a distance. From the very beginning of the first round, Ashlee Evans-Smith immediately took the fight to Pennington with an early takedown and damaging strikes in the clinch. The fight was all Ashlee until a Raquel scored a takedown of her own, lost position, but transitioned onto the neck with a bulldog choke.

At first it looked like Raquel was going to try and latch onto a rear-naked choke, but after losing her hooks she improvised and latched onto the bulldog choke instead. The replay showed that Evans-Smith went out cold right at the end of the round for a spectacular finish.

Definitely a front runner for performance of the night so far. Raquel showed how important it is to be able to improvise and capitalize on the smallest of errors. We don’t see bulldog chokes very often let alone a KO bulldog choke at the buzzer. Fantastic finish for Raquel Pennington.