Things started out well for “Killa B”, who scored an early knock down courtesy of his powerful right hand. Ferguson was forced to fight off his back as Trujillo followed it up with takedowns and top control, but Ferguson proved crafty and took back the end of first round with his rangy striking. The forward pressure of Ferguson also contributed to the depletion of Abel’s gas tank. Trujillo came out slow in the second round and as a result, couldn’t get the takedowns that he wanted. Ferguson, the fresher and quicker fighter, threatened with several submissions to combat Trujillo’s failed takedown attempts. Eventually Ferguson was able to find the neck of Trujillo who was just too tired to defend; Tony got his hooks in, got the arm under the chin, and forced the tap.

A big win for “El Cucy” who makes another step up the lightweight ladder, but it didn’t come without some adversity. Trujillo landed some hard shots in the first round, but once Ferguson was able to weather the storm, his transitions and scrambling ability put him in position to get the rear-naked finish.