If you missed UFC 181 this weekend, and you just glanced quickly at the results, then you would might have quickly noted that Urijah Faber won yet again, just as you thought he would. After all, the promotion’s #3 bantamweight was taking on Francisco Rivera, who is ranked #11, and was a huge underdog going into the scrap.

Well, the results, don’t relay at all what actually transpired. Early on, Faber took some heavy shots from Rivera, and had difficulties taking the noted striker down. Then, in round two, he appeared to stun Rivera and then finished the fight with a bulldog choke.

Problem is, however, that Rivera was reeling from a nasty eyepoke, one of the ‘kids, look away’ variety, not a punch.

Speaking after the controversial loss, Rivera relayed to MMA Fighting.com that he plans to appeal the result. In addition, the bantamweight offered these comments:

“When I felt it, I covered myself,” Rivera said. “I was trying to tell the ref: ‘My eye! My eye!’ I felt Faber hitting me. I couldn’t see. He was on my left side and I couldn’t see out of my left eye.”

“Everybody is making a big deal about how many [submissions] he has,” Rivera said. “It sucks for me. It’s not like he dropped me and subbed me. He really, really poked my eye. Accidental or not, what am I supposed to do, fight with my eyes closed?”

The incident just further underscores the fact the UFC needs to do something about this. Apparently, the promotion is looking into new gloves, which will make it more difficult for fighters to extend their fingers.

Clearly Rivera has a right to be upset, and just think if it had been a title fight? Or a title shot eliminator?

If the appeal isn’t successful, or even if it is, perhaps the UFC should look at booking this fight again no?

With the defeat, Rivera’s record fell to 10-4 while Faber’s now sits at 32-7.