It’s been a couple of days now since the UFC announced it has signed pro-wrestling star Phil “CM Punk” Brooks to a contract, and while the buzz has subsided a wee bit, the deal is still making copy.

Case in point, Rolling Stone recently spoke to CM Punk about the deal, and when asked if people should “reserver their judgement” until Brooks actually fights, he stated:

“For sure. I’m not gonna sit here and make bold predictions about first-round head kicks and beating ranked opponents. This is about me and my journey to get there. I understand other peoples’ point of view about, “Oh, there’s great fighters out there like Ben Askren.” My only point on that is, “Don’t be mad at me, Ben. Be mad at [UFC President] Dana [White].” I’m sure Ben Askren’s a nice guy. If he’s mad at me, I understand. But if the Blackhawks came to me before Dana and Lorenzo did and were like, “We’re gonna put you in goal,” I’d be like, “That’s great. I played a little hockey when I was a kid.” You know what I mean? I’m not gonna deny myself some opportunity because somebody on Twitter thinks I shouldn’t have it.”

Yes. Going out and telling the MMA world that you’re going to destroy the likes of Vitor Belfort or Tim Kennedy at this juncture, would be extremely unwise.

Now as far as the Ben Askren references, if you missed it, “Funky” took Brook’s signing as a great opportunity to blast the UFC for not inking him to a deal last year. If you recall, UFC boss man Dana White said Askren needed to defeat some more notable opponents, before they’d bring him on board.

For example, not long after the CM Punk signing was announced, Askren tweeted:

Now sure, when White made that claim last year, nearly every observer understood it was more about Askren’s approach to fighting, rather than his record. Since then, however, the decorated wrestler has gone on to record two more stoppage wins and lay claim to ONE FC’s welterweight title.

After hearing about CM Punk’s comments in the Rolling Stone piece, Askren followed up with this tweet:

See, that’s nice, and really, you can’t fault CM Punk for pursuing his UFC dream can you? Even if you believe the pro-wrestler could go one and done?

Brooks is expected to make his UFC debut sometime in mid 2015, and the former WWE star believes he’ll likely competed at middleweight.