The TUF 20 Finale is underway in Las Vegas, Nevada, so let’s get to the preliminary card action.

Angela Magana vs. Tecia Torres

Magana lands a leg kick to begin the fight but Torres answers with a couple of punches. You can clearly hear any thing a fan calls out since it’s so, so quiet…Torres follows up with more punches and Magana’s nose is getting red. Torres continues to land her right hand. Torres flurries in but Magana lands a nice counter. Torres storms in and briefly puts Magana on the mat with a left hand. Magana clinches up and tries to sweep Torres to the ground but can’t. The latter flurries again and scores with more punches. Round ends. Torres is up a round.

Round 2: Magana throws a spinning back but misses. Similar action to the opening round. Torres keeps coming in with flurries and Magana is trying to counter. Torres plants a couple more right hands. Magana fires back with a few kicks. The latter shoots in for a takedown but Torres moves away. Torres threatens with several more shots and the round ends.

Round 3: Torres comes out aggressively once again, but Magana continues to stand her ground. Magana eats a couple more shots, shoots in for a single leg, but can’t get it. Torres continues to outscore Magana on the feet. Torres wings a hard right hand and follows up with a head kick attempt. Magana needs a finish to win this fight (or so one would think…). Torres throws another head kick that grazes Magana’s chin. Torres is going for it with less than a minute left. Torres lands a takedown shortly before the final bell sounds.

Tecia Torres def. Angela Magana via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)

Joanne Calderwood vs. Seo Hee Ham

Both women comes out throwing kicks. Ham tosses a head kick but it doesn’t land flush.  Ham throws a leg kick, and follows up with a left. Calderwood answers with a spinning elbow that misses. The latter follows up with a spinning kick and Ham clinches up. Ham throws a hard left hand but eats a right from Calderwood. Ham plants another left hook. Now Calderwood pushes Ham to the fence briefly. Ham closes out the round by planting a big left hand.

Round 2: Both women continue to stay pretty busy with the kicks and follow up punches. Ham lands a side kick to Calderwood. Both strawweights are bruised up. Calderwood catches Ham with an elbow as she rushes in. Calderwood works her way to Ham’s back. Ham grapples her way out. The women continue to fire shots and Calderwood’s nose is bleeding. The latter throws Ham to the mat as the round ends.

Round 3: Calderwood chucks a couple of hard punches to begin the round.  Ham rushes in but takes another elbow for her efforts. Calderwood clinches up and lands a knee to Ham’s head. The latter breaks free but Calderwood pushes her up against the cage once again. More elbows from Calderwood. Ham winds up on the ground shortly after getting blasted with a front kick. Calderwood is working a side choke. Ham defends but Calderwood is tossing down shots from above. Fight ends.

Joanne Calderwood def. Seo Hee Ham via (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)

Heather Jo Clark vs. Bec Rawlings

Clark chucks a hard right to begin the fight but Rawlings follows up with some knees from the clinch. Rawlings follows up with some hard leg kicks but Clark counters and takes her down. Rawlings is looking for an amrbar but Clark spins out. The latter has Rawlings’ back but she turns around. Rawlings follows up with an elbow but Clark pushes her back into the cage. Referee splits them up. Rawlings flurries in with an elbow and punches, and pushes Clark against the fence. Clark reverses the position and lands an elbow not long after. Rawlings takes Clark to the mat with a head and arm throw. Round ends.

Round 2: Both women come out firing and the two butt heads. They seem to be okay. Rawlings plants a sold left hook. Clark lands a stiff jab. Rawlings has a big hematoma forming on her forehead. Fight spills to the mat. Rawlings gives up her back. Clark is looking for the choke. Rawlings briefly spins around but Clark takes her back once again. Clark starts working a choke but Rawlings escapes. Clark still working from Rawlings’ back. Round ends and we’re going to yet another third round.

Round 3: Rawlings comes out chucking punches and kicks. Clark eats a uppercut and a left hook. Rawlings tags here yet again. Clark looks less fresh but is keeping Rawlings at bay with front kicks. Clark has Rawlings up against the fence. Ref breaks them up. Rawlings lands a right hand and attempts a flying knee. Rawlings continues to outscore Clark striking but the latter clinches up. Clark flurries and lands a few punches. Clark has Rawlings up against the fence. The latter breaks free but round ends.

Heather Jo Clark def. Bec Rawlings via unanimous decision  (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Felice Herrig vs. Lisa Ellis

Ellis clinches up and quickly throws Herrig to the mat. The strawweight gets back up but gets caught in a guillotine. Herrig defends and then takes Ellis down. Herrig is caught in half guard of Ellis, who then sweeps her opponent and takes the top. Wow. Herrig throws on a triangle-choke and Ellis is trying to defend. Ellis has worked her way out. Great action. Ellis drops for a guillotine but Herrig pops her head out. Ellis lands a couple of elbows from guard. Ellis looks for an omoplata but Herrig works her way out. The latter lands an elbow from above. Round comes to an end.

Round 2: Ellis throws a front kick and takes Herrig down with another throw. Wow. After a couple of reversals Herrig is on top. Herrig moves into mount and Ellis gives up her back. Herrig drops down and is looking for an armbar. Ellis works her way out but gets caught in another triangle. As Ellis looks to escape she leaves her arm out. Herrig is cranking on the arm. Ellis taps. Big win for Herrig.

Felice Herrig def. Lisa Ellis via submission (armbar) R2, 3:05